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    Let the Inspirational story of One Woman's Journey Show You That You Can Overcome the Obstacles That You Face

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    Do you find it difficult to make positive changes in your life?

    Do you feel as though you have no control over the events in your life?

    Let Anna's inspirational story show you how you can use these obstacles to become a better person and to live a better life.

    Anna Dee Olson has experienced more than most people will ever experience in their lives. She has lived in two conflicting worlds; worlds so different that she had to learn a completely different way of thinking in order to adapt to modern American life. Anna spent the first 24 years of her life living in an Amish community. She has seen the best and the worst of both Amish culture and modern American life, and she uses what she has learned to live a more fulfilling life today. Now Anna wants to pass this knowledge on to you. Let Anna's experiences teach you how you too can live a more rewarding life.

    "Growing Up Amish: Insider Secrets from One Woman's Inspirational Journey" is the true story of Anna's struggles growing up in the world of the Amish. Her book will not only give you access to one of the most secretive cultures in America, it will inspire you to follow your heart, no matter how great the challenges you might face.

    Take this Journey with Anna Today and Learn How to Find Your True Value

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    "Anna is a loving and talented woman who decided to leave her Amish culture. She shares the life lessons she learned, as well as both the good and bad sides of growing up Amish in her book, Growing Up Amish. She is an exuberant speaker and an excellent leader who is developing her own coaching practice. Anna Olson reveals insider secrets about Amish culture and at the same time, leads you on a journey of self discovery into your own life. Go to and get her book."


    Ronda Del Boccio

    Growing Up Amish...then leaving it behind !

    "Born in Jefferson City Missouri, my parents raised me and my nine brothers and sisters in a very rigorous Amish culture. I didn't really know that I was different until later in life, and was led to believe that this life was meant to be difficult. As time went on, I began to look outside the Amish community for answers and in 1992 I did the unthinkable...I left my Amish heritage behind.

    After 24 years of questioning my self-worth, I made up my mind to seek my future elsewhere. Now, I want to share my personal experiences to show you how you too can live the best of both cultures."

    Anna's quest for answers lead her to realize that people are fascinated with the Amish lifestyle. She came to the realization that the knowledge she had gained by living in both cultures, was what made her life so rich today. She wanted to be able to share the fullness of her life with others, and concluded that the best way to do this was to share her experiences in the hopes that others would learn and be inspired by them.

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    Anna's Journey Has Taken Her from the Depths of Despair to the Life She Has Always Dreamed of Living

    "Growing up Amish" was written in order to teach you that your goals are attainable. No matter who you are, or where you are from, the power to transform your life is within you. The only thing you need is the willingness to try, and the motivation to succeed. This story of a young Amish woman, living in constant self-doubt and negativity, who found a way to reconstruct her life, is proof that anything is possible.

    Anna's story of self-discovery and finding the strength within to make positive changes can't help but make you want to take action in your life.  Let this story inspire you like it has so many others, to defeat your fears and achieve your goals.

    A captivating story of real life in the Amish Community and how the determination of a young woman who knew that life outside the walls of the community would be a better life - one she was going to have no matter how hard the struggles would be. This book is a gripping account of reality too harsh to bare, yet a fascinating look at the culture and an easy read. I couldn't put the book down until finishing it and am looking forward to her next book.

    Joan Sosalla

    Whitehall, Wisconsin

    Let Anna bring you into the private world of the Amish and show you a life you have never known, but always wondered about:

          • Intimacy and Amish Culture...Do They Mix?
          • Do the Amish Believe in Arranged Marriage?
          • Do Amish Children Ever Disobey their Parents?
          • How do Amish Parents Discipline Their Children?
          • And much more...

    Anna shares her personal experiences to show you how you too can live

    "The Best of Both Cultures"

    Growing Up Amish Growing Up Amish- sister Ella My Parents Amish Farm
    Anna Dee
    A Sister
    Family Home

    Life is a journey and not always easy but with some effort and action Anna completely changed her life and you can too.  Let her give you clear picture of how she overcame numerous obstacles to get to her current healthy, happy, and loving lifestyle.

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    Anna is willing to share her own experiences and/or mistakes to help others. I enjoyed Growing up Amish entirely! When I started reading I couldn’t stop until I got to the end of the book. I am looking forward to her next book for more details about her unbelievable journey. Anna has so much for you to learn from so I would suggest you get your hands on everything that Anna allows you.

    Penny Paulson

    Blair WI

    A Message From Anna...


    I don’t share my experiences to get sympathy from anyone. My hope is that as I share my deepest thoughts in regards to my experiences growing up Amish, you too can be inspired to change whatever is stopping you.

    I wake up everyday with the knowledge of where I came from and how I turned all those negative events of my past life to become a better person.  I realize that my past does not define me it just prepared me to be who I am today.

    Growing up Amish has taught me how to live a more fulfilling, less selfish life, full of love and respect.


    With Gratitude,

    Anna Dee olson


    P. S.   "Don't let this opportunity pass you by.  Don't let your dreams fall by the wayside just                  because you currently cannot see how they can come true"

    P. P. S. Discover  tips and strategies in "Growing Up Amish" to help you move forward                              NOW!

    P. P. P. S. Find out all you ever wanted to know about the Old Order Amish and their way                             of life NOW!

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    Here is What Others Are Saying About 

    Anna Dee Olson...

    The information Anna Dee presented on the Amish was from personal experience and was both informative and inspiring.

    The question answer time was an important part of her presentation.  It was obvious listeners felt free to ask any question and Anna Dee was forthright in her answers that lead to more questions.

    This topic was of special interest to our community because we have so many Amish families in our community.  However, I believe it is of interest to any community to better understand those who are different from us.  There is also more interest in the Amish people after the school teacher and girls were murdered and their response to this tragic event. 

    Marilyn  Breckenridge,
    Pastor- Wadena, MN



    I thought it was very informative.  It showed how what an amazing life they live.  Unless a person has lived that way of life, you don't know why they live the way they do.  It reminds me of someone being poor and not knowing how the richer people live.

    Yes, we always see the Amish going past our home and in the businesses and you often wonder what their lives are about.  After hearing Ann's story, I can see that they take their culture very serious. 

    I feel since there are so many Amish spread across the country and in so many communities, that it is good for the general public to know how their lives are lived.

    I think that speaking in schools and churches would be a good place to get a mixed group of the general public.  There could also be community meetings set up by town leaders.  In fact if they had a community meeting with coffee furnished and maybe juice and people would come and then maybe shop in the town afterward.  So it would benefit the community as well.

    Marie Fraune
    Wadena, MN



    My husband and I were at a presentation that Anna Dee gave about the life of the Amish people.  Previously all we knew is what we had seen on television and heard about the Amish people in our local area. 

    What we have learned from Anna Dee helps us to understand why they live the way they do.  The questions she encouraged people to ask after her presentation were very interesting and informative.

    I know there is a lot more to know and I am looking forward to reading your book.

    Dee Schwartz
    Wadena MN

    Order your copy today!

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